Session 4

Von Urstad Crypt cont.

Group sets watch. Assassin, warrior, warden, sorceror/warlord. Sorceror hears the sounds of feet and something being moved. Wakes up warden who decides to finish his sleep. When the party wakes up, they attempt to take the door to the east. Assassin opens the door to find a large number of sarcophagi blocking the door. Several members try to push the sarcophagi and are unsuccessful. Party figures that this door leads back to the place that assassin and warden saw earlier because of the spiral staircase adronsius told them was this way. Group hurries through ooze room and gets into hallway only to find a number of obstacles on the other side of the pit they need to jump. They all tie a rope to the warden and have him jump it in an attempt to knock the obstacles out of the way. He succeeds and everyone makes it across but quite alot of noise is made.

Rivenroar Family Crypt

Assassin peaks around corner, seeing the hobgoblins he had seen earlier are now at the ready though they don’t see him. Warden rushes in and fight begins. Just as the minions fall, another hobgoblin and a drake appear at the spiral staircase. Group is able to easily deal with them. Decide to go down the spiral staircase rather than going through southern door. Find Jalissa who immediately begins clinging to the warden as he entered first. She seem badly shaken. She says that she was formerly held in a room with Thurann, the warlords grandson. Group searches room. Sorcerer sees that the lantern in the room is a magical floating lantern and takes it. Fighter finds a staff with a faceted red ruby on the end and a bag that he discovers is a bag of holding, tells no one. Assassin studies altars and sees that they are altars to Bane but look like they were once altars to Vecna. Group enters spiderweb landing. Sorcerer is given the staff which turns out to be a staff of destruction.

Spiderweb Landing

Assassin looks in door and sees nothing. They send in the floating lantern which is knocked across the room into the side of a sticky wall, revealing the dead body of Kartenix wrapped in webbing. They see several ettercaps and the fight starts. No one can hit anyone, but the ettercaps are able to restrain/immobilize and attempt to poison the pc’s over several rounds of combat. When the last ettercap remains, he attempts to run across the ceiling and takes several OA’s but still makes it. He then picks up Kartenix’s body and throws it at the PC’s hoping to distract them. Warrior is injured but not knocked prone and the warlord is stunned by seeing his son’s body tossed about. Others in the group kill the remaining ettercap easily. Warlor asks the others to help him as he picks up his son. Says they must keep going for the others, but he doesn’t want the hobgoblins getting to Kartenix so he cleans out a sarcophagi and places Kartenix in there temporarily as the others help him put the lid on. Assassin fails to steal bag of holding from Fighter, but makes his bluff so the fighter just thinks he was helping. Sorcerer says she is going back and, with the warden’s agreement, Jalissa goes back with her.



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