Session 3

Von Jallach Crypt Continued

Party enters final room in Von Jallach area. Find a badly beaten dwarf, Adronsius the alchemist who they are supposed to rescue, who is hanging from his arms chained to the wall. Also find a dragonborn Sorcerer(Cheryl). I’ve forgotten the name. Unlock dwarf and dragonborn and Fighter breaks muzzle on the dragonborn. Dragonborn was ambushed with a caravan on her way from Overlook to Brindol. Party is extremely suspicious of the simple fountain of clean water in the room. Seem to think it is magical. After the dwarf recovers, he is able to tell the others that he believes Mirtala(the cook) is alive and he perfectly remembers the way to Jelissa(acolyte of Ioun) even though he was blindfolded. They decide to try to get to Jelissa with the dwarf pointing out the way.

Goblin Warren

Group heads down the only path remaining from the entrance. Try to sneak a peak around the corner, but our warden friend is a little loud. No surprise round is granted. Group attacks 5 hobgoblins in room. Two goblin archers appear from an entrance to the north soon after. Make quick work of the hobgoblins and the sorcerer nearly single handedly kills the goblin archers. Unfortunately, one of the goblins retreats back to the north, going into a completely dark hallway. Warden and Assassin take chase into the hallway that is reveiled to be quite long and have two gaping holes with ropes hanging above them.Sorcerer attacks him from range. Goblin is hit but barely survives and plays dead. Group easily sees through the badly played ruse and rush forward to attack him, jumping over one of the holes. Goblin jumps up and tries to run off again but fails athletics check and falls into the second hole. Mushroom explosions and screaming are heard from below. They investigate a door in the middle of the long hallway first. Entering it, they see that it is a room with a large portal portraying a picture of a ruined castle. The group is able to ascertain that this room links to the southern hobgoblin room and the rest of the group approaches from the south. While most of the group waits in the portal room, Warden and Assassin continue to north end of passage to look around corner. They see a room with a stairway down, several hobgoblins, and several sarcophagi.

Portal Room

Sorcerer looks at the portal for more than 1 round. A ochre jelly emerges and attacks the group. Assassin and Warden roll well on listen checks and hear the sound of Adronsius yelling “Holy crap, its an Ochre Jelly. Get in the hobgoblin room.” They then return to help the group fight. Group makes quick work of the jelly, but just as it splits and is close to death two spectres emerge. The group is able to kill one of the halves just as the spectres unleash their knock you prone aoe’s. Assassin deals with remaining half before joining fray with them. Insubstantialness of specters cause some problems, but group is able to deal with it. Sorcerer’s chromatic orb hits one for poison damage. Which they are immune to. Much sadness is felt. Adronsius comes back into the room and points out the western exit as the way he was taken before. Group decides to forgo the occupied room to the north to continue this way.

Von Urstad Crypt

Assassin looks around several corners, become more annoyed as it is revealed that each norner is just a few feet from another corner. Finally comes to a room. Does not see stealthy gnomes with their +11 hide checks. Group openly enters the room and lights a sunrod, revealing the gnomes who had been hiding in the shadows. Assassin rushes forward to kill the dirty gnomes. Both gnomes attack him and one gnome opens the door, summoning two magma claws and cutting the assassin off from the group partially. Fighter and Warden each take on a magma claw and are immobilized by lava. Assassin deals with one gnome before moving to the other. After magma claws are dead, the gnome attempts to escape to the north, but takes an OA from the assassin and is killed. Group searches room, finding a broadsword and a greatsword which are both identified by the sorcerer during a short rest. Having heard the group with his natural 20, Sertanian begins calling for help, which the party hears. They very very cautiously approach the north room and find Sertanian in a cell. The Warlord immediately moves to free him but the open lock ability of the assassin is needed to get him out of the cell. The group believes that now is a good time to rest. Adronsius decides he is strong enough to make it back to Brindol since the party seems to have soundly beaten a number of hobgoblins and invites anyone to come with him. All the hostages go with him and the party rests for the night.



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