Session 2

The Trek!

Commander is same guy from several days before. Meet commander at north bridge. Decide not to question goblin. Champion of Valhalla from the bar shows up. Turns out he is an accomplished fighter. Has also been hired for 260gp to go with them. Manage to follow hobgoblin trail without a problem. Come to the remains of castle rivenroar. See the only entrance goes into the family crypt. It is late, so they rest on a second floor area that is still standing so they can enter at night. It rains.

Chamber of Unbound Flame

Goliath half opens door. They see a well lit room and a hobgoblin. Assassin attempts to assassinate hobgoblin. Fails. Hobgoblin raises alarm, two goblin sharpshooters appear and attack after opening a door to start the two braziers spitting their flame back and forth. The group is easily defeated and the braziers don’t hurt anyone. They take the door to the north which heads down into the mushroom chamber.

Mushroom Chamber

Group sees two sleeping rage drakes. Assassin sneaks up and attempts to kill one. Misses, but still damages it heavily with shrouds. It roars. The two rage drakes awake. The group uses surprise round to get close enough to them to not allow a charge. They dispatch the two with little to no problem. In the next room, they find one of the people they have come to rescue. The one people think is a witch, Zerriksa. She is imprisoned in some sort of magic circle which disintegrate arrows. Party notices it flickers in and out. They mention it to Zerriksa. When they seem indecisive, she says she’s going to try to jump through. She makes it somehow. She is able to inform the party that Kartenix, another person who was kidnapped and the commanders son, is dead. Commander says they must hurry and locate the other prisoners, including his hopefully still surviving grandson.

Von Jallach Crypt

Go back to entrance and decide to go east now. After going up somestairs, assassin opens door to see some glowing runes and a bunch of tiny drakes. Intiatve is rolled. The drakes gather into two groups and roll badly and the party takes the opportunity to pick a few up and throw them onto the glowing runes, which causes them to instantly become crispy. The party begins fighting swarm which misses early on. Assassin is attacked by gnome from the shadows, shadow steps over to it and begins beating it to death. Fighter and goliath focus on one drake swarm, warlord on the other. Several members of the group are nearly killed. Assassin doesn’t like it when gnomes go invisible. The previously rescued Zerriksa manages to stop the warlord from dieing and the assassin saves the fighter. The party then goes to ihop.



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