Session 1

Bar Fight!

Started out in an Inn in Brindol. Goliath won several rounds of blackjack like card game. Then, the hobgoblins attacked catching bar on fire and injuring several people. Champion of Valhalla(vis-a-vis, Sam) was injured, but picked up random almost dead guy number one and saved him. Fire spread, killing several hobgoblins. Guy who lost money to Goliath attacked him with daggers before withdrawing through the door. Goliath and Assassin prevailed though fight was hard(note: minions don’t take damage on a miss). Chose to rest rather than help put out fire. Injured guards questioned them when fire was put out. And then the ogre appeared.


Ogre attached to wagon appears. Is throwing barrels of flaming pitch. Goliath and Assassin manage to get to other side of the Ogre. Goliath jumps on wagon. Ogre tries to hit assassin with pitch but instead catches own wagon on fire. Hobgoblin in wagon runs and Ogre spens 2 rounds unattaching himself. Ogre hits hard, but is immobilized by attacks and takes damage from all exploding barrels. Ogre is killed by rock-wielding assassin.(note: ogres don’t have threatening reach) They rest before continuing to the north bridge to help with hobgoblins. Assassin acts like Deadpool around commander of forces. Searches Goblins for bows. Finds two half-broken crossbows. Chooses not to repair.


Several days pass with the town going into damage control. Goliath buys something. Assassin refuses to buy daggers marked up 30%. Attempt to go talk to councilmember about questioning a captured hobgoblin. Councilman wanted to see them anyway to ask them to rescue 7 people taken by the force which attacked Brindol. Players negotiate 300gp a piece for rescue of people and obtaining stolen relics. Are told to meet commander at north bridge before they head out. Are told not to tell him they are being paid. He thinks they are volunteering. Commander is same guy from several days before. Meet commander at north bridge. Decide not to question goblin. Champion of Valhalla from the bar shows up. Turns out he is an accomplished fighter. Has also been hired for 260gp to go with them.



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